Last Blog of Ever

this week i made a few portal 2 maps, i beat portal 1, i turned 11, and had cake, btw the last statment was a lie, i played minecraft pe and made a portal 1 map, i got some bawss stuff is tf2, i played alot of tf2, and made a icebox cake.

Magh Blawg

This weak i played bvz, i made a imposible corador in minecraft, i played alot of rc2, and aot of minecraft, and i played boom beach, i made a secret base in mc, iplayed fnaf 3, i played portal 2 with cheats, and i played on a minecraft server.


This week i BEAT Portal 2, i played Minecraft and started on a secret base i played on, and i played boom beach

fdg hljkDH l fuhyESO irfu weovuvy ietfoQUwyto eutrou

Tis Wek i SupPorted NanCy wih ALC website i Plad Portel Tuu i played RC2 i plaed Boom beach and Got into thyrdd pressson and made a mc traine that acctulety movezz!!!!!!!

understandable version:

This week i supported Nancy with the ALC website, i played Portal 2 in third person, and Red Crucible 2, i played Boom Beach, and i made a subway train in minecraft that moves!

clouds housssssssss

This week i went to cloud house.


























Thats not all though becase a clouds houssssssss i sledid and kooookd and caried logz alot and stuph i played werewolves and lost i slept and slept and stuf.



Mahne Wek

This week i started on a tower defence game in minecraft.

i went to the gym almost every day.

i ate LUNCH!

I existed.

Cloud house came.

My Parents came and did a meeting and everything was goood.

hello everyone

throughout today and this week i did a lot of things like sledding, hanging out, making redstone creations in minecraft, baking, i saw a few documentarys. also i am almost finished with the 8th season of doctor whooo i have had fun and it was good.

i got a new phone it is aweeeeessssoooommmeeee i started a book called son and my list has been great i Played MC with Ryan and Alfie i a built TNT cannon in that world i got a burrito today and i did not watch any documentary’s unfortunately   but i had a buritto so ya!

new year!!!

its the new year and i have made a list of things to do every day and here it is below this text.



also on another note i started on a castle in MC2015-01-09_13.22.35

i am almost done with my book enders shadow.

i recently sold my ipod 5 and i am getting a new phone the HTC 1 M8 Harman edition

i regret not bringing my sled and not getting good winter cloths  today


Last blog of the year!!!! But no sweat

This week I did a mastermind troll on minecraft I lost and found my iPod a couple thousand times and found it a couple thousand times

ooccuulluuss rriifftt ffoorr eevveerr

i made a YouTube video


i made a bow and arrow and shot a few people I ate lunch I had a lot of fun.