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im adin i love computers and minecraft im friends with Timo Carlen-burns

HELLO (oops my capsalock was on anyway hello)

OK so this week was boring (Nothing but video games) until last night when my parents came over for a meeting there we decided to update my schedule a bit we wrote a list but it was lost so i kinda improvised and decided to have about 2-3 hours of gaming and about 3-4 hours of non gaming i got to school kinda late today but i did try my best to keep the schedule good and it went very well.

I did no video games but minecraft with the oculus rift today and that was awesome not much else happened nope.


this week was fun Thanos brought his ps4 (my idea).                                                                                                                                           Javier brought his occulus rift and we went into virtual reality ooh.                                                                                                                       i played minecraft and some more occulus rift.                                                                                                                                                     i failed at doing minecrift (minecraft w/the occulus).                                                                                                                                               i downloaded a few roller coasters for the occulus rift.                                                                                                                                       & this weekend my grandma came over and on Monday she visited school.


this week i downloaded a game called scribblenaughts unlimited i started making a rpg map in minecraft for the first time ever i played go i played gmod i ate Cake!!!!!!! it was lucas birth day i bult a house with foam blocks i did enderdragon: fail  i failed bvz


this week I did a lot of stuff.

I played go I played gmod.

I hosted doctor who I played werewolves.

I drank kombucha.

I started a survival world with Ryan in minecraft.

I watched futurama with thanos.

I played blocks vs zombies w/Ryan.

I jailbroke my iPod.

i got local Iaps store on my iPod.

i installed display recorder.

and I did sponge bob philosophy


This week I got a lot of stuff done played a bit of no cheats cloud house also came here so that was awesome I also hosted a Ton of Dr. Who on the projector screen I played no cheats 2.0 with Ryan and by my self also no cheats got moved to a different server the Sterlings are hosting no cheats right now so it’s not lagging at allllI I became the holy king of the kambucha and I also did a no cheats rules agreement meeting which went out really well.

hi part like 40

hello everyones what did i do this week well lets see

“i watched doctor who, i made #nocheats 2.0, played robocraft played, #nocheats got a backwards app on my iPod, made a few timelapes, blogged, got (fake) “Blood” on my hands, and wrote this blog”2014-10-31_14.30.142014-10-31_14.30.30


This week was pretty much a slurch week.

Though Thursday afternoon the train was not working so it delayed me a lot.

It was also a really big computer week.

I didn’t play verry much #nocheats but i did start a #nocheats 2.0 world.



i a did a bunch of #nocheats:

i did about half of the hege fence

i started on an xpfarm for minetown.

did like 50000000000000 sarah jane adventures

and had a good time all week

started playing coc (Clash Of Clans) again

yea is was good bye -adin


this week i bought rct3 played it a lot and built a lot of great roller coasters played on my scooter i am working on a redstone tutorial in minecraft for the alc community .